Wattpad Writer to Published Author : Remembering How It All Started

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My First Wattpad story Sana Akin Ka na Lang #sanaakinkanalang


How it all began.

It was 2012 when I have first written a very ordinary story in Wattpad.  It was just a ‘passing time’ while I was attending MBA and regular work.  What I didn’t know was a simple ‘passing time’ would turn out to be a reality of my childhood frustration writing a story and sharing my thoughts to a number of people.

The following year, I was offered a writing contract because of this story.  It was only year 2014 when I finally decided to accept the writing contract being offered by LIB Publishing.  I have signed a two-year contract with them. The same year, my first story written on Wattpad became my first published book under LIB Publishing.  The book was released nationwide and in all National Bookstores and Precious Pages.  It was first released last June 14, 2014.

Sana Akin Ka na Lang was first released last June 14, 2014 #rememberingSAKNL #sanaakinkanalang


After three months, I was launched in public as one of the contract writer of LIB through book signing event.  Having failed to attend the 34th Manila International Book Fair, LIB organized a mini-book signing event at Precious Pages Bookstore SM North branch.  And within three months, after the first released of Sana Akin Ka na Lang Part 1 of 2, LIB released Sana Akin Ka na Lang Part 2 of 2, and the first part of four-books installment Forgotten Memories Love at First Fight.  I never thought that a simple ‘passing time’ reached any writer’s dream : a successful book signing event filled with supporters and readers of your work.

My First Book signing event in Precious Pages SM North branch #rememberingSAKNL #sanaakinkanalang


But of course, it didn’t end there.  Year 2015 was full of memories with more book signing every time a new book was released.  I’ve had two solo book signing event in Precious Pages SM Manila and Precious Pages in SM Sta. Rosa.

Book signing event in Precious Pages SM Manila Branch last March 2015 #rememberingSAKNL #sanaakinkanalang


Me after six years writing in Wattpad, managing Mechanic Lady’s Publication and a website owner #rememberingSAKNL #mechanicladyelite

I have also attended the 36th-38th Manila International Book Fair and seated for book signing event. And after four years, I was managing my self-published book under Mechanic Lady’s Publication.

And as a tribute to my six years in Wattpad, as a treat to my loyal supporters, Sana Akin Ka na Lang could be access for FREE here on my website.  Every week there would be at least three chapters to be posted and updated.

Me, saying, ‘THANK YOU, Wattpad readers.



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  • jenylene fabroa

    hi po i am one of your avid fan readers off all your stories..sana po mabasa ko na ng buo ng forgotten memories and no other love..since nasa abroad po ako mahirap po kag order ng book..but any way thank you for writing a good storie..looking forward to have my own copy of your books..Godbless po and more powers

  • jean

    hi po available po ba yung mga books nyo sa precious silent reader nyo po kasi ako sa wattpad thanks

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