The Blind Casanova 1

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Adam Enriquez became a victim of a vehicular accident, killing his fiancee on the spot and causing him his eyesight.


Sam came out of nowhere to take good care of his needs since he was living alone in his big house located at the top of the hill of Sta. Inez, which he decided to be his hideout from the world.


But it is not just his daily medications and needs that Adam was asking from her.


He also wants her to fill his need.


His manly need.


And it was a night of endless passion, desire, and betrayal that will lead them to the dark side of their hearts.


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  • Lhen

    Kelan ko kaya mababasa ang kasunod ng I am Mindy? Sana mapost dito.

  • hi po .ikaw po ang pinaka unang author na nabasa ko sa wattpad dati yung sana akin ka na lang . hay sobrang na mugto yung mata ko dun nung nabasa yun ko po yun. i am one of your fan .

  • Ronalyn Marie Lacson

    Hi!hopefully i can be a vip member, been reading Ms.Joy’s works. From forgotten memories, SAKNL, No more Lies and blind cassanova (looking forward to read the next chapters) Now ko lang nalaman na completed na pala siya but not published in wattpad due to busy sa work. Thank You in advance.

  • Christine

    I wish I can be your VIP member as soon as possible. I am a big fan of all your incredible masterpieces.Your such a great and very talented author.

  • di ko po maintindihan yung process ng vip , after mag bigay ng email at password ano po sunod?

  • Hi!
    I really love your stories.
    I want to become a VIP member but I don’t know how to be one.
    Please tell me how.

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