A Mistaken Love Affair

The 10th story that I will be writing is A Mistaken Love Affair.  Excited?


But what is this story?  It’s the story of Jessie and Rigs.  When I started creating the synopsis, I had no idea how to make every chapters until I reach the last one to say THE END.

Well, meet Jessie.  The first chapter is meeting Jessie.  The twenty-eight year old girl who came back from Australia to stay permanently in the country.  From being one of the best in the field of marketing to a bookshop owner in a small town in Calamba, Laguna.


Meet her on the first chapter of A Mistaken Love.



13 Replies to “A Mistaken Love Affair”

  1. This is another new stories that will love by all of us . From the title itself you will think what will happen to this story so curiosity will come and you will be interested to read it. May bago na naman kaming aabangan basahin. Excited here…

  2. Wow!! Another story na mamahalin, susubaybayan, kakikiligan at iiyakan ng puso ko b..i can’t wait to read it

  3. Wow..new story again na susubaybayan namin..sana mabasa ko din ito..thanks ms.joy for sharing your talent to us..

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