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Do you know that I have written Sana Akin Ka na Lang last 2012? 

Sana Akin Ka na Lang #mechanicladyelite #teamtaksil

A Wattpad story of Dominic Saadvera and Stephanie Rianne Hernandez.  And this was the mother of my two best-selling stories, Forgotten Memories and No Other Love.


Sana Akin Ka na Lang #mechanicladyelite #teamtaksil

The plot was very easy to follow.  Two college sweethearts who fell apart and after some years who’ve met again carrying their own pain, hatred and love towards each other.  The mere reason why I became a published writer was because of Sana Akin Ka na Lang.  It was published under Life is Beautiful last 2014.  Finding these books in bookstores are not easy as it was published three years ago.


The story was also removed from my Wattpad account, but for those loyal readers I will be posting this story for FREE.  Even if you are not a VIP you can read them in regular updates for the month of July. 

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A Writer’s Life: My Wattpad Journey


Sana Akin Ka na Lang was my first ever story written in Wattpad and my first published book.


First released June 2014
Sana Akin Ka na Lang Book 1

It was June 2014 when LIB released my ever first published book, Sana Akin Ka na Lang.  It was divided into three parts of the book.The very reason why I was offered a signing contract with LIB.


September 29, 2014
First Book Signing of Mechanic Lady

My first book signing for Sana Akin Ka na Lang was September 29, 2014 held at PPC Store in SM North Edsa.

Forgotten Memories Book 1


After Sana Akin Ka na Lang, Forgotten Memories was released in four parts for the first printing.  This story was the fourth story I have written in Wattpad and my second story published under LIB.

Forgotten Memories Book 2


It was 2017 when the third published book of mine was released under the same publishing house, Forgotten Memories Book 2.  This story was the fifth story I wrote in Wattpad and the second part of the Forgotten Memories Book 1.  Forgotten Memories 2 earned 32 million reads in Wattpad after it ended last 2014 in Wattpad.

One Day, Someday under PHR


After a month, PHR, one of the biggest name in publishing Filipino romance pocketbook, released my first published book under their name, One Day Someday.  This story was my second story in Wattpad and fourth published book.


Forgotten Memories Book 1 2nd Re-print


After two months, LIB released the second printing of Forgotten Memories Book 1.  This time it was released in one single copy instead of four-part story.


No Other Love cover by Sharon Padilla


No Other Love was released as my first self-published book last year.  It was my baby step in publishing my books without a publishing company at my back.  The cover was beautifully crafted by Sharon Padilla, who also became the layout artist of the book.  The 1st batch of softbound was amazing 160 books and the hardbound was 150 copies.  Last January 2018, 2nd batch for the softbound was released.  Third batch of softbound was on-going.


The softbound cover of No Other Love
The hardbound cover of No Other Love

And only this year, I have released The Writer’s Edition of Forgotten Memories Book 1, in softbound and hardbound covers too.  This was released as self-published version.  Story of the first released Forgotten Memories Book 1 was revamp and re-constructed to give a different experience of reading the story once more.


The softbound cover of Forgotten Memories Book 1 The Writers Edition

Image was inspired by Ehya De Guzman and finishing/lay out done by Sharon Padilla.



The hardbound cover of Forgotten Memories Book 1 The Writers Edition


Despite it was released twice in the market as pocketbook version, loyal FM readers rushed to get their own copies of The Writer’s Edition.


Book 2 of The Writers Edition is on going for pre-ordering.  Visit the Forgotten Memories page in facebook to know the details.


Forgotten Memories Book 2 The Writers Edition

Forgotten Memories Book 2 The Writer’s Edition

Forgotten Memories Book 2 The Writer’s Edition

Governor Gin


Missing him? Don’t skip the chance to grab and read their story in a Writer’s Edition copy.

Pre-ordering is on going.

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For hardbound, here is the link for the order form:…/1FAIpQLScZvIIsbb68YgAwEZ…/viewform


Pre-ordering is from June 28-August 31, 2018 only, this is a very limited edition. Wag kang magpaiwan sa mag-order.


Chapter 1. Jessica Louise Mendez is Jessie : A Mistaken Love Affair


Chapter 1: Jessica Louise Mendez is Jessie


Jessie’s Point of View

  “Damn it, Gina!  If you can’t make it this time, you have to give my folks a better reason!”  Ang galit na tinig ng isang lalaki ang bumasag sa naririnig kong kanta sa magkabilang ear pod ko.  Nahinto ang ginagawa kong pagtingin sa magasin.  Mabilis na nag-angat ako ng mukha kasabay nang papalakas na pintig ng puso ko sa pamilyar na tinig na iyon.

                Si Rigs.  He was wearing a white polo shirt branded on the left sleeve and carrying on his left shoulder a black storage tube.  He angrily removed it without noticing me and put it on the bin near the door. Kasunod nito ang babae na kagaya nito ay halata sa itsura na irritable.  She was wearing a white ruffled short sleeve linen and black tight fitting slacks which complemented her height and figure.  Ever since, Gina De Mesa was an eye-catching celebrity in our small town in San Cristobal.  Rigs and Gina were a perfect sweetheart while they were growing up.  And now that Rigs was a successful architect and Gina was working as a news reporter in a prestigious TV network in the country, everyone from our hometown was expecting that a match made from heaven would have a big wedding of the year.  And were both in marrying age of twenty-eight.






Forgotten Memories Book 1 Writer’s Edition

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A Cinderella’s Love

It was 2014 when I started to write a few chapter of this story. There was no additional part after four chapters. Last year, I started updating this story on my website and just finished the 47-chapter story recently.


This Sunday, for those non-VIP, you will see the last chapter to get a glimpse of what you’ve been missing reading this story.

To VIPs, this is another story that I finished writing just like what I signed up for you.  I hope I have made your VIP membership worthy of every penny you spent on my work.


Forgotten Memories Book 1 Writer’s Edition

You will see them like this, same title. But the difference?

I made the packaging different and so the content in a way you’ll read it as if this is your first time reading FM.

A writer must love her stories. A seller should trust her product to be able to market her merchandise well.


Remember, I am both.


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