Free Reading for Non-VIP

Are you not a VIP?  No problem!


You can read my stories that I have written on Wattpad as free stories even you are not a VIP member.  This is my appreciation to all Wattpad readers who adored my stories so much and want to read them all over again.


HOW?  Be updated.  Subscribe.  Always log on to my website so you wouldn’t miss reading my stories for free.


WHAT ARE THE STORIES FOR FREE READING?  Forgotten Memories 1, Sana Akin Ka na Lang, One Day, Someday and The Blind Casanova 1.


Excited?  Then, tune in.  Comment and let me know you are actually tuning in.

44 Replies to “Free Reading for Non-VIP”

    1. Hi Ms Amy. You are one step away to br a VIP. A VIP member can access all the stories of mine on my website and can have the privilege of discounts on all my self published books. Once you become an Elite member, you have one month to be under probation. If you passed, you can finally access the website as VIP. Unlike in free viewing, stories are limited. And of course, no book discounts for self published buyer

  1. hi! i’m also fan of FM1 2 year ago. ngayon ko nalang ulit sya mababasa ng complete since last 2 year hindi ko alam how to read those unposted chapters. but i don’t actually know what to do. just really want this story so badly.

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