VIP Members: True Blooded ML Readers

You are a VIP member if,


You are an Elite member


– Mechanic Lady’s Elite Supporter is my official group with selective members.  Members are processed, selected and screened by yours truly together with my official admins.


You have a VIP Pass

– You have a VIP pass if you can access the complete stories posted on my website.


But how to be one of the VIP members?


You must be an avid follower of mechanic lady

– ML is all about honesty, loyalty and authenticity.  If you are not an avid, then don’t proceed to the next step.


Member of Society of Mechanic Lady’s Reader

– So, if you are an avid, SEND A JOIN REQUEST to Society of Mechanic Lady’s Reader on Facebook.  This group is the threshold of Elite membership


You must be a true-blooded Elite member

Elite membership is not about joining.  It’s an affiliation. It’s all about loyalty to your membership.

Be a VIP member now and enjoy the privilege of a true-blooded ML reader.



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